Chocolate Heaven

Let us now take a short break from all those full-fledge restaurants and heavy duty eateries and turn to a place highly dedicated on giving you desserts and easy on the stomach munchies. I’ve visited the place for a while now (it’s within the Unijaya Commercial area at Jalan Sin Onn) and it’s definitely a place to chill out. They pretty much had a number of cold beverages (such as smoothies, ice blended drinks, milk teas, ice-creams) and tea time goodies (like hotdogs, burgers, toasts, waffles) within their menu. Heck, they even sell their own brand of ice-creams at local supermarkets such as Asia Superstore and Servay Parkwell and had a (tiny) branch at Fajar Complex. But I do agree with other patrons when they stated (in social media of course) that the service was quite slow, even though they actually had enough staff. And the café’s name can also be a bit misleading, since only around 20% of their overall menu involves anything chocolate in them.

So this time around we tried out their Chicken Burger (a generous portion & tasted nice but somewhat dry), Chicken Ham Cheese Toast (just okay in taste as the bread was a bit stale) and some of their beverages like Chocolate Ice Blend (nothing spectacular but it isn’t too sweet either which I like) and Hot Mocha (sans coffee art - my partner said that it is dissapointing diluted for some reason).  

Next I present to you my ratings…

Food – 3/5 (not too shabby but drinks need to be improved)
Price – 3/5 (they’ve hiked up their prices a bit but still pretty reasonable)
Service – 2/5 (better management perhaps?)
Décor – 4/5 (pretty & eye catching of course)
Location – 3/5 (it’s right next to its rival, the ZenQ)  

** Current status – Has been closed (as of Nov 2016) 

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