Friday, January 22, 2016

Upperstar Restaurant & Bar (KK FoodieVenture #46)

While staying within the KK Times Square area for a couple of days before moving on, me and my partner usually entered the Imago Shopping Mall from the entrance facing the commercial area. And every single time I notice that this particular restaurant (the first restaurant that you’ll see when you walk into the mall) was almost always packed with people. So obviously that got me very curious to try them out for lunch on my third day of visiting said mall. And I admit I was a bit blown away, for several different reasons. First impression got me thinking that the place might be pricey since it looks sophisticated and well... pricey of course. So I was happy to discover that the price was actually very affordable than expected. We wasted no time in ordering a few dishes, mainly their Malaysian Delight (an assortment of Malay dishes within one plate, which my partner had gobbled up without much complaint), their Sliced Beef Cheese Burger (the shredded beef was juicy, I just loved it), Fried Springrolls (pretty good but not fantastic) and Chocolate Cake (surprising moist – will definitely order again). Another thing that blows my mind away about this place (that I really need to let out) was the overwhelmingly crowded décor of the place. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the colourful and cheerful vibe but my eyes just don’t know where to focus with so many unique things being hung on its walls. And it amuses me to discover that although Upperstar has a lot of branches all over KK, their names were slightly different from one another. Possibly due to different owners maybe?

Overall I’d say…

Food – 4/5 (a bit out of my expectations but in a good way)
Price – 4/5 (surprisingly cheaper than I initially thought)
Service – 3/5 (impressively fast & efficient)
Décor – 4/5 (just look at the pictures below to appreciate the beautiful decors)
Location – 4/5 (you can’t miss them if you entered from the main door facing KK Times Square) 

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