As I’ve probably had mentioned several times now, the most popular morning dish in Tawau has got to be Mee Tauhu. Even though they’re delicious, too much of them could make even their most avid fan bored. So I was very glad when this eatery came along fairly recently. Situated at the heart of Fajar Complex (in the same row as the Leno store), the fledging shop caters to a very limited choice of breakfast/ brunch staples which includes an assortment of Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kuning and Nasi Ayam. And thankfully, no mee tauhu in sight (yet!).

Our maiden visit to the establishment made us tried out their Nasi Kuning Ayam (to which my partner said that it’s pretty good, but not fantastic) as well as their Nasi Lemak Ayam (I kinda like it actually; it’s not spicy at all). The said dishes had a somewhat Chinese spin to it, which was as well since the owners were young-looking Chinese couple (I assumed). It’s also good to note that their eatery opens at around 6am up until 3pm only. You guys should give them a go and have a taste for yourselves.

For ratings I’m giving them…

Food – 4/5 (pretty good for a limited menu)  
Price – 3/5 (pretty standard stuff here – can’t comment much)
Service – 4/5 (swift since most of their foods were pre-cooked)
Decor – 3/5 (I like the whole simple yet comfortable type of eatery)
Location4/5 (they’re right in front of the Body Shop at Fajar Complex)  

** Current status – Has been closed (as of January 2017) 

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LFT: Ice Coffee

I kid you not when I say that almost everywhere I went to in Tawau these days, I literary cannot escape from seeing coffee stalls. Initially I wasn’t a fan of such beverages but after trying out a sip (or two) from my partner’s drink, I suddenly became an ice coffee addict. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve tried out almost every coffee available here in Tawau but I have narrowed it down to my top two choices from the lot. Mind you, this two does not include those from cafes and such since I’m focusing on specialty stalls only.

Coincidentally (or maybe not so much on their part) my top choices actually resides right across one another, at the Hill Top area (beside the JPJ main office area). And unlike other locally produced coffee, these two are actually from popular franchises. So to sum things up and to see which one is better, I’m breaking them down to these facts… 

Brief descriptionFounded by a now millionaire entrepreneur who had also founded the once popular Anis Choc Moist Cake
The goodThey definitely stick to what they know best and produce only 5 choices of coffee flavourings (so far) but each with very refreshing and compact tastes. Also they’re very mobile since they’re available at other places around different times of the day
The badI’m not too fond of their plastic packaging (although it’s unique, it made it hard for me to put it down while I’m driving). And the quantity might not be as much as it’s rival due to the packaging + ice content. 
My favouritesChocolate & Mocha
Brief descriptionOwned by QOMA Global Resource (thank you Anonymous reader for this info)
The goodThey have better variety when it comes to their coffee, more in terms of coffee content and their stall was just cute to look at (a plus in attracting customers)
The badI’m sure that other people will disagree with me but I personally do not like their Fruity and Soda line of drinks though.
My favouritesDouble Chocolate & Milo Dinosaur Special

My personal ratings (for both) are as follows…

Food – 4/5 (depending on your taste buds)  
Price – 3/5 (understandably a little pricey than your average coffee)
Service – 4/5 (unless you’re ordering more than 10, then it won’t take them long to prepare your fix)
Decor – 3/5 (fairly simple looking stalls)
Location4/5 (near to the Hill Top shops area, they’re visible by the roadside)  
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Backyard Vacay: Marco Polo Hotel

Wow… it’s been ages since I’ve done one of these and it took a recent public holiday for me to be able to relax & pampered myself again. Once known as the numero uno hotel in Tawau, the 3 star hotel (or was it 4?) is located at Jalan Klinik. It’s actually been more than 20 years since I last set foot in this hotel as an overnight patron. I can honestly say that I practically spend my childhood years within the hotel since I’ve had relatives visiting us from abroad that had made the hotel their top choice for accommodation.

So imagine my surprise when I got into my designated room and found out that the room looked exactly like it was 20+ years ago. I mean seriously! Every single thing that I could possibly remember from my childhood was still present. Of course the hotel management did a good job at maintaining their rooms and I must admit that I’m pretty excited to stay in a very spacious and classy room. But to any other new patrons, they might view the room as very dated and has this old school vibe. Heck, even their TV was still one of those bulky (and with very limited channels) types that I thought did not exist anymore and their bathroom was without any hose pipe (but with a bathtub) which was a common feature within any newer hotels nowadays. They do however provide a plastic scoop as a substitute for the situation – which was hilarious on my part since this is the first time I saw such a thing within a well established hotel. But personally I liked the whole nostalgic vibe and felt comfortable right away. The view was great as well and the hotel staffs were all smiles as well so that’s a plus. They also provide free breakfast (which was nothing special but still sufficient) and free parking (yay!) within the premises. If you’re thinking of walking around town for some sight-seeing and light shopping, then I recommend this hotel since they’re smacked in the middle of the Tawau town area.

Let us now move on okay…

Type – Standard Room
Room – 3/5 (the big space was definitely a plus)  
Price – 3/5 (you guys can get a very good price via travel websites)
Service – 4/5 (service with a smile is always a winner in my books)
Decor – 4/5 (clearly in need of refurnishing but I do dig the whole nostalgic vibe)
Facilities3/5 (a lot of weddings & private meetings has been held there)
Location4/5 (centrally located, right next to the older mosque in town among other things)  

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