Monday, October 7, 2013

Kedai Kopi Jafre Mee Tauhu

Aha! So if you thought that I don't do breakfast, then think again folks. Today I'm focusing on what makes us cranky in the wee mornings (okay maybe besides having to get up to go to work), that is breakfast! And this is the place to go if you're ever going to Tawau just to have breakfast. It's where almost everyone in Tawau are heading to when they thought of mee tauhu to eat. And yup, in case you're wondering mee tauhu (fried mee + a variety of tofu) is definitely the numero uno breakfast meal for the people of Tawau. Heck, we should probably make it our official breakfast food already!

Okay so enough with my unnecessary-yet-I'm-still-doing-it intros. The place is situated at the most unlikely place.. wait for it... an industrial site at Batu 2 1/2 Jalan Apas. Over 90% of the shops in the area are related in some way to vehicles so you really need to go deeper into the area to find the shop (and I really do mean deeper). There's also a branch at Jalan Sin Onn (very near to the police headquarters at Jalan Air Panas) if you can't find this one but with a little dedication (and circling the place like a shark) I'm sure you'll be able to find it. So what's so special about this place? I mean, there must be some other places that also sell mee tauhu right? Well for one, you can pretty much summed up their entire menu in one breath. And I'm not being sarcastic here either. Their menu consist of Mee Tauhu, Mee Ikan and Nasi Kuning. Yup, all breakfast items only. But eventhough they might be focusing on these 3 meals, they at least made sure that each and every item are delicious. The sauces for their tauhu are well seasoned (unlike some places that are usually bland and even tasteless) and my personal favourite the Ikan Masak Merah (believe me, you would want to try it with their fried mee - pretty awesome!) is just right when it comes to its taste. Although for some reason, the amount of fried mee had been reduced in the recent years, it is still a simple yet yummy meal. They also have a simple bulls eye egg to go with the plain fried mee (should you have a very limited budget, since this place has been listed in the 1Malaysia sites) that's as delicious when you tried it with their sambal.

Do come to the shop a bit early thought since they're only opened for half a day (they closes around 12-1pm) and the place are almost always packed with people during their peak hours (around 9-10am).

** Current status - Has relocated to the Batu 3 Jalan Apas area, same row as Bentol Mini Market (as of Sept 2016)

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