Saturday, February 8, 2014

Selera Laksamana Tomyam Seafood (KK FoodieVenture #6)

We'll just dive into this pretty straightforward since I'm actually killing a bit of a time before going out (currently waiting for mom to get ready for a wedding we were suppose to be going 20 minutes ago - better late than never. Hahaha.. ). We found ourselves at Anjung Senja Waterfront one rainy evening and quickly settled down to the stall nearest to the entry way. The place is located right at the pretty awesome looking waterfront of KK. More specifically, it's located right in front of Wawasan Plaza, near to where we were staying during the first week of our vacation. There's plenty of food stalls around the area (which had been renovated, making the place looked more polish and inviting now - kudos to DBKK).

After taking sometime looking at their menu, we decided to order the same dish (Nasi Goreng Mamak) as we were hoping that they'll be able to cook it faster as we were quite hungry. Which unfortunately was not the case since the waiter somehow messed up our orders and gave us MEE Goreng Mamak instead. But nevertheless, the owner was apologetic and quickly solved the problem. Taste wise I personally think it's okay but nothing special about it (it tasted like any ordinary fried rice - sorry) but we'd also had ordered their Ikan Bakar and the sambal to that dish was pretty awesome. It's spicy and rich, just the way I liked it.

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