Friday, April 25, 2014

Indon Style Cafe

It's been quite a busy month for me but since I finally got some time to spare right now, I might as well write a new entry to this blog right? So here I present to you Indon Style Cafe. Situated at the ever popular hang out spot in Tawau as of late, that is the Perdana Jaya commercial area (right next to Dimension Auto Accessories shop), this is yet another cafe dedicated in giving Tawaurians Indonesian based food. And despite the differences in their names, this is actually another branch of the very well-known Indo Cafe chains in Tawau. 

And since this is the chain to Indo Cafe, don't be surprise if you see that the menu is almost identical to their other branches (well, it is a chain is it not?). So when me and my parents were there, we decided to ordered their in-famous Pisang Goreng Cheese (Fried Fritters with Cheese). Others might follow their suit but Indo Cafe can held their head up high as they should be credited as the place that practically introduced the comfort food (including the Mango Sago as well) to all Tawaurians. Other than that, we also had their Nasi Ayam Penyet (good but I've had better), Nasi Ikan Penyet (also tasty, but seriously there's something weird about their sambal - it's more like a kuah then a sambal) and last but not least mom's favorite Mixed Vegetable Rice (mom said that it's acceptable).

** Current status - Still in operation (as of April 2014)

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