Monday, October 6, 2014

Onebucks Cafe

If you're a Tawaurian (is that right?) then you'll know that Eastern Plaza is the place to be seen especially for the younger generation (this makes me feel old for some reason - sigh). Teenagers are usually seen crowding the place particularly on Saturdays and early Sundays and for most of them, money might be an issue. So what better way to hangout with friends while having some low-budget meals right? Then let me introduce to you the One Bucks Cafe (and no, unfortunately none of their food or drinks costs you RM1 only - sorry!).

This 'light-snack only' cafe actually caters to the young and old. Formerly located on the ground floor of the shopping mall, they'd moved to the lower ground sometime last year. Their menus were pretty simple, which consist of your usual fried fritters, waffles and some ice-blended based drinks. Granted, the place is a bit expensive as oppose to other stall-like eateries. Although a bit limited in size, the atmosphere inside the cafe was pretty relaxed (even though that long couch at the far side of the cafe really bugs me for some reason, and not in a good way). Me and my partner tried on several of their food (what can I say, we were really hungry) such as Keropok Lekor (awesome sauce by the way), Popcorn Chicken (tasty and spicy), Waffles (good but the filling was not that much), Fried Popiah (yummy filling - my fave so far) and Sanggar Peppek (fried bananas that had been 'smashed' to its flat perfection - unfortunately the taste is a bit debatable between me and my partner). I also recommend their juices (we tasted their Watermelon & Orange juices) as the tastes were just lovely.

** Current status - Still in operation (as of Oct 2014)

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