Friday, December 11, 2015

Thumbs Up Cafe

If you are like me and is a bit dense sometimes, then you might not immediately pick up the name of this eatery when you finally made your way there. Honest to goodness, I thought the name of this place was something else (please view the pictures below for further proof) when my partner calmly pointed out that their menu board inside the café said something different. That minor confusion aside, the Thumbs Up Café has only been around for a few months now and is located at the brand new Gaya Commercial Centre (next to Taman Gaya B).

I really like the ambience of the eatery, which was a bit rustic and laid back. Waiting period for your order might take longer than expected and the food portion might also disappoint you a bit because you do expect the food to be at least a bit more with the price that you’re paying. We tried out their Grilled Chicken Chop (my partner said that the sauce was very good and the side vegetables were tasty), Fish & Chips (average at best) and we shared an order of Thin Onion Rings (again, it tasted so-so) which turn out to be an order of ‘30% onion rings plus 70% fries’ (no explanation was given though, maybe the order was suppose to look like that)

** Current status – Has been closed (as of June 2016) 

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