Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Outward Vacay: Imperial Boutec Hotel Waterfront

After several short days within the Imago Shopping Mall area, we finally got bored and decided to hop to another hotel. This time, we choose a familiar hotel which we’d frequented before and smack in the middle of KK. The hotel does not have any clear signage, which can be a bit of a problem for first-timers. What you can do when you arrived at the Warisan Square Shopping area however was go straight to its main lift area. Just popped up to the 7th floor and you’ll automatically be ‘greeted’ by the lobby area as soon as the lift opened. The hotel fully occupies the entire floor area so you’re definitely in the right place.

Check in and out was smooth and they apparently did not ask for any deposits should you’d paid through online booking (yay!). Room was smaller but bright in colours & modern in décor. Maintenance however might not be the hotel’s strongest suit as several hiccups can be spotted immediately upon entering the room (like the torn curtains, chipped floor and non working fridge). Also, they’re still using that ever complicated water heater (they should really give us a short course on how to use that thing!) and some funky smell coming from the pillows (it’s the first time that I actually agreed with some fussy Tripadvisor commentators). And I suspected that even though I booked a deluxe room, they actually gave me a superior room instead since the view was that of the city and not the ocean as it was suppose to be. If that’s the case then they should just came clean with this instead of assuming that the patrons will not know the difference. Hotel technician was swift and efficient when we have a bit of a ‘situation’ (caused by yours truly, accidentally of course) so good on them. Front desk staff also vary in performances (the day shift was grumpier than the night shift people). Although parkings were still not free but at least they’re providing a lesser rate should you park within the Warisan Square building (RM5 per entry if I’m not mistaken – from what I’ve read from their up front ads anyways).

For overall ratings…

Type – Deluxe
Room – 3/5 (the view was entertaining – even though it might be the wrong view!)
Price – 4/5 (among the most reasonable, considering the very strategic area)
Service – 3/5 (there’s a particular front desk day shift staff that was pretty dismissive every time anyone tried to ask her something – should really look into it though)
Décor – 3/5 (very modern & futuristic looking despite lack of maintenances) 
Facilities – 3/5 (I notice that they have several meeting rooms available for booking)
Location – 4/5 (it’s on the 7th floor of Warisan Square despite not having a clear signage directing people to their hotel)

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