Day Day Soto

This is a pretty unique cafe for me. It's more like a specialty cafe, where they're focusing on a product that they're obviously good at making. And in this case, it's the soto dish (I know almost everyone is at least familiar with this dish, particularly if you're really into soupy dishes). I have gone through this road (the road = Unipark commercial area, near to Taman Univilla) possibly hundreds of times (because I live nearby) and yes, I did notice that this cafe was almost always full with customers. So obviously that triggered my interest and on a fine day, me and my mom decided to give it a go.

So I'm not that surprise to find that their main menu was the soto dish (the Chinese version mind you - with a wide range of condiments to choose from). I mean, it is called Day Day Soto right? But I was taken aback when I discovered that that is the only menu that they're offering. You can choose to eat it in its glorious soupy state or pair it with a Gon Lo Men or plain white rice. And yes, they do have a wide range of selection of soto to choose from. Me and mother dearest decided to try out their Chicken Soto and Fish Soto together with some Gon Lo Men, which were unimpressive overall. Both of us thought that the dishes were only average in taste. They do have toasts on their menu (we tried out their Chocolate Toast and it's again so-so in taste and the bread was pretty stale) and sadly that is also the only other food of choice here should you are not in the mood for any soto dish.

My ratings however are as follows...

Food - 3/5 (this is for the lack of variety and taste)
Price - 3/5 (pretty standard, medium range stuff)
Service - 4/5 (good but a little confusing - as it does say 'self service' but the waitresses will come to your table to wait for your order)
Decor - 3/5 (nothing to shout about but pretty comfortable)
Location - 4/5 (trust me, just drive along the Taman Univilla commercial area road and you'll definitely spot them)

** Current status - Still in operation (as of Dec 2014)

(Updated on 28/03/2018 - Me and my mom decided to stop by the cafe again after many years and was quite impressed to see that their food selection has somewhat grown throughout the years, albeit average tasting at best)

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Nukies Sauce Burger Stall

Even though I might not always feature food stalls specifically (I usually feature the food bazaar as a whole) but there are a few stalls that had made their way into my exception list. This burger stall was located at Kuhara Food Court Centre, within the Taman Ambar (in front of SMK Kuhara) residential area.

A friend actually posted about the stall on the ever popular social media app WeChat and because I'm a huge fan of burgers (especially one particular burger that caught my attention - read below), I felt that it was my duty to try them out. Huhuhu...

Now the burger that I'm dying to try was the Payau Prosperity Burger (yes, a deer meat burger folks) and obviously when I heard about it, I have the urged to try them out and let me tell you, it did not disappoint as well. The patty was just very tender and delicious, although maybe with a bit too much sauces on them. My partner decided to go for the Lava Sausages (similar to a hotdog dish plus some chicken burger patty) and he said that (again with a little less sauces) the dish was near perfect. There are other types of burgers to choose from so do give them a try if you're within the area.

So all in all I say..

Food - 4/5 (a very creative variety of food)
Price - 3/5 (it's an acceptable pricing - in the middle range)
Service - 4/5 (it's self service where you order directly from the stalls)
Decor - 4/5 (pretty laid back, outdoor environment)
Location - 3/5 (drive on to Taman Ambar and you'll definitely spot the place as it's on your right)

** Current status - Has been closed (as of June 2015) 

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BFTP: Telang Usan Hotel Kuching

I'm back with my second BFTP and this time around I'm going all the way to Kuching, Sarawak. This might be waaayy back when I was a little greener (aka 'younger' - those were the days...) but it still remains as one of my fondest memories to this date.

Telang Usan Hotel Kuching

When - Sometime around 2009, with my early bonus no less
Where - It's located somewhat at the center of the lovely city of Kuching, so you'll have no troubles walking around for some retail therapy.
Room(s) that I've stayed in - Deluxe Room
Reason for staying - Now I have never done this (because I'm a somewhat control freak) and I absolutely hated going anywhere without any prior planning but weirdly enough when a good friend goes all 'lets go to Kuching' on a whim, I jumped on board. Our first hotel (it was during the school holidays so it's near impossible to find good, reasonably priced hotels) was a total dump (yes, we stupidly decided to just walk-in to a random hotel - in a city both of us are no familiar with) but thankfully a staff of the former hotel help us to find a better hotel so we're good from then on.
* The room was big in size and the price was just right. In fact, I've notice that most of the hotels in Kuching were way cheaper (yes, including the big league hotels) than that in KK. Go figure!
* The Orang Ulu decor in and out of the hotel was just fascinating. You'll feel as if you're visiting somebody's home rather than staying at a hotel, which was pretty awesome.
* There's a garden for the guests to lounge in as well, a good attempt at introducing nature to the otherwise metropolitan area
* I admit that the hotel might need to do some upgrade since the hotel (despite the very original Orang Ulu decor) looked very dated. It gives out the vibe of staying at a 1990s establishment.
* I do remember that the breakfast (albeit free) was the same throughout my one week stay. I'm hoping that they've improved this matter now
Memorable Event(s) - I still remember that when we were there, there's actually a construction going on within the proximity of the hotel. So eventhough the hotel was suppose to be very near to the main city attractions and mall areas, me and my friend had to walk around 25 minutes to get there (because we had to circled the construction site to get to the city area, and it's a huge construction site mind you). It was raining at times but I personally like the hotel so much that I kinda let the distance matter go. And I do appreciate the staff lending their personal umbrella to us so it's all good in the end.
Overall rating: * * * 1/2 (you'll definitely get the sense of Sarawak when you're there)

(P/S: Pictures below are mostly 'borrowed' from and so all credit goes to them)

Yup, they also provide free on-site parkings

There's actually a pretty awesome sitting area in between the main door of the hotel to their actual entrance a few metres from it. Pretty interesting concept.

Absolutely love the very traditional Sarawak decor 

Where else can you get a cosy garden within a hotel area, in the city no less?

Similar room that we've stayed in. It's really big in size and comfortable to boot

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Kentucky Fried Chicken Fajar Tawau

Again let me stress out that I'm currently eating my words for supposedly not going to review popular franchises. But here I am! There are currently 5 branches of KFC here in Tawau (yup, there're really popular) and one of the newest edition to the family was this branch at Fajar Complex. It's located next to the Allianz Insurance office and is actually at the former Hong Leong Bank building. Mind you, there's actually another KFC at the same area but thankfully not that near from each other.

I don't think I need any lengthy introduction to the world of KFC since I'm pretty sure everyone has been into one in their entire lifetime. Plus my main focus is to review their latest offering, that is the (again, very heavily advertised) Double Down Maxx burger. Now I know that KFC has these seemly never ending promos of new products but what attracted me to this was when I discover that it's a burger without the usual bun sandwiching the patty. So when me and my partner dug into our bunless burgers, I notice that it's a bit too salty for my liking. But it's still very filling as the thing (despite the less appealing look) was actually quite huge. My partner just loves the burger so much that he ordered another one to go. I also like to highlight the KFC new selection of side dishes such as the mini harsh browns, fried jalapenos, fried onion rings and fried criss cut fries (which were all very delicious by the way; main rival McD really needs to step it up now). Their new and improved regular fries are also to die for as it is now more crispier and tastier then ever before. Two thumbs up for their side dishes!

Now lets move on...

Food - 4/5 (I mean come on, this is the worldwide famous KFC)
Price - 3/5 (I don't know though, I think it got a bit expensive overtime)
Service - 3/5 (it's self service so no problems there)
Decor - 3/5 (typical KFC of course)
Location - 3/5 (again, if you're going to the Fajar Complex, the main problem might be the lack of parking)

** Current status - Still in operation (as of Dec 2014) 

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