Food Central Fajar

If you’re a regular at the Food Central eatery right in front of McDonalds, then there’s a chance that you’ve also tried out their brand new branch at Fajar Complex Tawau as well. It’s just recently opened and already it’s somewhat the place to hang out due to its strategic location and variety of food. When we recently went there, we tried out their new-on-the-menu Nasi Lemak Kelantan (which was pretty good but looked suspiciously similar to a Nasi Ayam Penyet dish) while my partner ordered their Nasi Lemak King (also tasted lovely but with a ‘kickingly’ spicy sambal). We also got ourselves some fried popias & fried wontons and both tasted just okay in my opinion but my partner still loves them.

** Current status – Has been closed (as of February 2018)

Updated on 29/12/2016 - My parents and I stopped by this place recently and noticed that their menu have somewhat expanded, so we tried out their Nasi Lemak 'Bakar' Ayam Masak Merah and also their Kung Pao Chicken Claypot Rice and both were pretty good. My dad also tried this really nice looking (and tasting) Nasi Padang Ayam.

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Kedai Kopi Ingat

After several weeks (yup, I’m not kidding) of Hari Raya celebration, my stomach has finally given up of all those rendangs and buras (you guys from Tawau know what I’m taking about) and is now craving for something different. So after much discussion with the parents, we decided to go to another one of our usual spots, sandwich in between rows of low-to-medium budget hotels in Fajar Complex Tawau. We like the fact that the place is very lay back, as it is your typical kedai kopi establishment, but with good food. And it’s also because it’s one of the places that had opened after the third day of the Hari Raya celebration. We ordered our usual, several of them being Sliced Fish with Curry (my personal favourite – it’s just divine!), Ginger Fish (one of mom’s favourites) Stir Fried Mix Vegetables and Mix Vegetable in Claypot (or something).

** Current status – Still in operation (as of July 2015)

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Buffet Ramadhan Roundup (2015 Edition) Part 2

And here’s a couple more Ramadhan buffet roundup for you guys…

Marco Polo Hotel
RM40 (adults) RM20 (children)
~ has a habit of getting the dishes out a bit late (same problem as last year)
~ refills were done but with a different dish than before
~ food choices not as wide as hoped & tasted so-so
~ beverages has almost no taste
~ favourites includes Puddings, Fried Bee Hoon, Fried Ube, Bee Hoon Soup

King Park Hotel
RM30 (adults) RM15 (children)
~ the least in terms of choices of food available among all hotels
~ but also the cheapest & most popular this year
~ does not refill after food has finished
~ favourites includes Chocolate Coated Pastry, Fruit Punch, Chicken Rice

De Choice Hotel
RM33 (adults) RM25 (children)
~ seating area were limited so prior booking is required
~ food choices were pretty similar to that of MB Hotel but with more seafood dishes
~ drinks were particularly sweet (they prepared the beverages with sugar in advance – particularly their tea & coffee)

~ favourites includes Chocolate Pudding, Local Kuihs, Fried Bee Hoon, Tom Yum Soup

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Buffet Ramadhan Roundup (2015 Edition) Part 1

As any food enthusiasts would tell you, the Ramadhan month is also the time when hotels take advantage of the season and prepared various buffet packages for patrons to try out. Below are a few buffets that I’ve manage to ‘visit’ this year (in no particular order of course)…

MB Hotel
RM36 (adults) RM23 (children)
~ café was well decorated but somewhat darkly lit
~ food was so-so in terms of taste (looks good but tasted so-so)
~ staff watching you like a hawk (which can make you feel a bit uncomfortable)
~ favourites includes Local Keropok, Mini Tarts, Grilled Fish

Shervinton Hotel
RM40 (adults) RM20 (children)
~ limited choices of food but tasted very nice
~ has a weird rule – patrons need to pay a deposit when booking a place
~ there’s also a do-it-yourself ABC machine which was fun to use
~ favourites includes Ayam Masak Merah, Daging Rendang, Fried Popia, Fresh Cream Cake

Promenade Hotel
RM68 (adults) RM35 (children)
~ price is the highest in Tawau
~ but with a huge variety of food & refills were swiftly done
~ staff was also very attentive

~ favourites includes Lemang + Serunding, Assorted Pastries & Cakes, Local Kuihs, Laksa

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Bazaar Ramadhan (2015 Edition)

Yes people, it is that time of year again where people would enjoy a vast variety of food due to the Ramadhan fasting month. And in Tawau, there are 3 main bazaars for any self respected food lover to try out.

MPT Bazaar
~ located right in front of Majlis Perbandaran Tawau (MPT) main building & behind the Sabindo Plaza building
~ largest in terms of size & number of stalls
~ lots of well known Malay restaurants open their stalls here
~ more accessible than the other two bazaar (as in it’s in the middle of town)
~ probably has the most variety in terms of food and drinks
~ very crowded during peak hours due to the location

** Staple stalls includes Hj Taki Nasi Kukus, Pak Ali Nasi Kukus, Ayam Golek

 Fujimart Bazaar
~ located beside the Fujimart building (at their parking lot)
~ second largest in terms of size & number of stalls
~ firm favourite of the non-Malay patrons in Tawau
~ plenty of ‘Semenanjung’ sellers (hence a variety of West Malaysian foods are available here)
 ~ hard to find a parking spot within the area

** Staple stalls includes Cocos satays, Hj Tamrin’s Nasi Kuning, Yassin Curry House & Milah’s Nasi Bryani, Roti Baghdad, McF Chicken

MARA Bazaar
~ located right outside of the MARA building (beside the main bus terminal)
~ third largest in terms of size & number of stalls (smaller compared to the latter)
~ slightly cheaper food than the rest of the bazaar
~ fully covered with huge canopies so there are no worries of excessive heat
~ near to the bus terminal so an easy access for local patrons
~ does not have that many variety of food (has similar food in each stalls)

** Staple stalls includes Erin Erina Restaurant & Catering

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