First and foremost...

Thank you so much for visiting this humble blog of mine. I'll try to give you guys some good reviews on the local food & sceneries especially from my hometown (yay Tawau, Sabah) so please bear with me ok 😊

Oh and just so you guys know before proceeding...

a) I never travel abroad - so you won't be seeing any posts outside of our beloved country (yet!)

b) I take all of my pictures with my puny, low megapixeled & outdated smartphone - so no professionally taken photos here as well (sad but true)

c) I never got invited to do a review - so my comments are somewhat unbias (for now)

d) I have this ongoing problem with my internet at home so I can only go online at work - so I'm sorry beforehand for any comments that cannot be reply timely (my bad)

e) I don't mind if you guys wanted to use any of my pictures - just as long as you credit this blog as well ok 👍

Also due to my own carelessness, I've accidentally deleted most of the photos that I've uploaded to Google Album Archive recently. Thankfully I found a way to recover most of them (but not all I'm afraid) albeit in a much lower resolution & quality. So if you view my past posts and there seems to be missing photos from them, I do apologize beforehand for that. I'll try to update them with newer photos should I drop by said places again in the future. So sorry folks... 😢😢😢

So here goes nothing...

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