Eastern Plaza Food Court

I don’t know if you notice this but I have been mentioning Eastern Plaza quite a lot in my previous posts. And for those of you who’re still in the dark (which if you’re a local, is a serious problem) the Eastern Plaza is officially the one and only shopping mall in Tawau. And like every other malls out there, it is essential that they also provide a food court within the premise. It’s typically on the lower ground of any mall and that is exactly where the EP food court resides.

Now I’ve been to the mall regularly for years and I even get to see numerous stall vendors come and go. Among the most notable (that have sadly moved out) were a stall which specializes in all things Nasi Kuning (one of my former favourites), a stall on Western dishes (but you can still sample their food at their main café at Kubota Square called Chiffonade), a stall that sold Duck Rice (yup, the cousin to Chicken Rice – and the gravy tasted delicious), a stall with a variety of Malay-Brunei ‘lauk’ (very tasty indeed) and a stall which focuses on vegetarian food (which unfortunately just recently closed as well). Another one that is showing signs of closing (or maybe they already had?) is the Roti Canai SP stall. We’d tried out their variety of roti canai and it’s pretty good. The only ones left standing now are the Musliyana 1Malaysia stall (which sells Malay food at very reasonable prices), a Chinese food stall that mainly sells Chicken Rice and the undisputed snack and beverages stall at the side of the court (which they usually only provide one per food court to avoid competition). Such a shame though because the place has a lot of potential and is pretty well kept. Maybe the rent is too high for any vendors to maintain their business?

So now let us move on…

Food – 3/5 (stalls come and go so I’m just going to sum up everything)
Price – 3/5 (depending on the stalls but usually pretty reasonable)
Service – 3/5 (your food will usually be delivered to your table a.s.a.p)
Décor – 3/5 (a typical food court – nothing much to talk about)
Location – 4/5 (don’t worry, you’ll find it in no time)  

** Current status – Still in operation (as of Sept 2015) 

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