Promenade's Lobby Lounge

Let's take a break from eating heavy-duty food and for once, dine in a very relaxing atmosphere and have some desserts to munch on. And also it's because it's still pretty early and we're not in that dinner mood yet. So me and my partner-in-crime decided to lounge at the Lobby Lounge at Promenade Hotel, Tawau. The Promenade Hotel is actually located within (or adjoining, whichever you like to call it) Eastern Plaza building so finding the lounge is a no brainer. Plus, the main reason why we chose to go to such a 'fancy' place for evening tea was because they have a promotional thing going on for sometime now. If you go there after 6.00pm, all of their pastries will be at 40% off, as well as 30% for all cakes. So yay for us!

So we decided to take on their Chocolate Cream Cake (the cream was just very yummy!) and their Chocolate Brownie Cake (err, if I'm not mistaken, can't really remember the name though - but still very chocolaty, just the way I like em). While we were sitting in one of their booths, we also noticed that they're having a monthly promo on non-dessert snacks, so we decided to take them on their offer. There's a variety of snacks available on the list but we finally decided on their Honey Glazed Fried Chicken Wings (cause we're fools and thought that the food will looked exactly like the lovely picture on their menu). Not only did it came out less than appealing (I mean really, look at the picture - I reckon I can plate it waaay better than just stacking everything) but it's also 'meh' tasting (it's really them deep frying the fries & wings and glazed on some honey on top of it). Come on Promenade, I've tasted their full-on buffet, and I've never encountered anything like this. I'm dissapointed, Promenade!

** Current status - Still in operation (as of December 2013)

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