LFT: Burger Bakar

In this newly introduced segment of Local Food Trends (LFT) I'll be focusing on a particular food item (that is 'trending' among Tawaurians) instead of a place. With that said, I recently noticed that the 'burger bakar' business has seen an increase of popularity as of late. Among those is this particular stall called Burger Bakar HS that has been operating for almost 2 years now (pretty recent in my standards). Before this, they don't really have a permanent sit-down place so they sold their burgers by the roadside near Taman Ria 6, Jalan Utara. But thankfully they finally manage to find a place in town, so it'll be easier for us to find them. They're currently stationed at Lover Kopitiam cafe (see previous post), right in front of LA Hotel Tawau.

Now the grilled burgers (yes, their burgers are grilled) might be quite limited in terms of choices, but the taste is definitely superior than other burgers in town. In fact, they're probably the only grilled burgers stall that is left standing (after a few not so successful attempts by other sellers). Choices currently in their roster are Chicken Grilled Burger and Beef Grilled Burger. But you can have it as a single patty burger (which will cost you RM5.00), double patties (RM9.00 if I'm not mistaken) and if you dare, triple patties (RM12.00). The prices might be consider by some as a bit expensive (by Tawaurian's standards) but I can assure you that you'll get your money's worth, as the size of the burger are pretty big and the tastes are lovely. Oh and it's good to note that if you're a patron of Burger Bakar HS in Bukit Bendera (aka Signal Hill), Kota Kinabalu than you'll find the similarities in their burgers since the owners are related (brothers to be exact).

(Updated on 25/05/2016 - The stall has been reopened at a new location, by the roadside of Taman Ria 5, Jalan Utara (near proximity to Kompleks Sukan Tawau)

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