Tea Time Kubota Square

FINALLY I have some time for myself after diving into what seems to be an endless string of work. But hey, that's what us mortals are all put on this Earth to do right? Yeah.. I'm impressed by my own poetry 'skills' right now. Or maybe not! So just ignore my weird mood right now and let us move on to the real stuff.

Now we begin our tale of 'foodie-venture' today with the introduction of Tea Time Cafe (yup, I'm on a roll today.. or something.. must be something I ate during dinner). It's situated at the now somewhat popular hang-out area of Kubota Square at Jalan Sin Onn Tawau, right next to its rival Old Town White Coffee restaurant. It's almost always crowded with customers (I'm serious, there seems to be people hanging out at the cafe all the time) so it's a no brainer to try out this place right?

I managed to dragged my partner-in-crime to the place recently to see what's the deal with the place. The menus are mostly Western & Asian food, nothing new from any other modern establishments within the area. So naturally I assumed that the differences lies within the taste of their food. We decided on ordering their Nasi Goreng Kampung and Pineapple Fried Rice with a Peanut Butter Toast on the side. To be honest, their food were good and pretty satisfying but I will say that it did not left me with the feeling of wanting more, get it? Then again maybe I'm just being overly fussy since I've been to a number of similar eateries and can't help comparing the place to others. But their selling point might lie within their reasonable prices and the laid-back atmosphere of the cafe.

** Current status - Still in operation (as of December 2014)

Updated on 02/12/2014 - We had gone back to the place recently and there's an improvement in their dishes. We ordered their Nasi Lemak, Satay Chicken with Fried Rice and Ham & Cheese Sandwiches and all of them tasted above our expectations - a very good effort indeed

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