Restoran Maskur Jalan Merotai

Now let us take a trip further from our usual comfort zone and visit (or in my case, revisited) somewhere a bit 'out-of-town'. The main branch of Restoran Maskur is located beside the main road of Jalan Merotai, a good 12 km outside of Tawau's main town area. But don't fret as they'd also had several other branches across Tawau (3 so far and counting) and are run by Mr. Maskur's (I'm just taking a stab at the owner's name) children. But if you want to taste 'the best' (or so people kept telling me) then it is recommended that you visit the original at Jalan Merotai.

This particular restaurant has established itself since I could possibly remember. But I haven't went back for probably a good 15 years (I kid you not) but I still remember the taste of their food. There's a continuous thing that always hinders me from giving this place its 'best in the world' stamp of approval and that's the excessive usage of salt. And even after all those years, I'm almost sorry to report that it hasn't change that much. When we were there recently, we'd ordered some Nasi Campur for ourselves (because unfortunately none of us were in the mood for their pretty popular Sup Tulang - so sorry for having no visual on said dish) and it is salty (but otherwise actually pretty tasty) as before. But we'd also had their Pulut Kacang (which was good and in a nice portion for someone who doesn't plan on eating much) and several other kuihs (again, not in the pictures) and a light snack called Rempeyek (just okay in taste - not their in-house product though).

** Current status - Still in operation (as of Sept 2014)

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