Pizza Hut Fajar

Yeah yeah.. I tried to avoid giving reviews on chained restaurants and eateries, mainly because almost everyone knows them so it hardly needed any introduction. So I'll try to make this post as simple as possible. Currently there are only one PH restaurant available in Tawau, specifically within the busy Fajar Commercial Complex, right next to a popular mobile devices store and a well-known pharmacy.

During our recent visit to the eatery, me and my partner had ordered one of their heavily advertised pizza (shame on me for not being able to remember the name though) but the taste was just so-so. I think the main problem with PH pizzas is that their names might be creatively thought out and toppings may vary but the taste remains blend and ended up disappointing their customers, who originally has high hopes for them (yeah.. it's obvious that I'm talking about me). But that's just my personal two cents though as my partner preferred their pizzas over others. I do however loved their side dishes, such as their BBQ wings (the sauce was just superb) and their Sharing Platter (a platter of various yummy goodness).

It's also good to note that there will be a new branch of PH opening soon within the Tawau area, specifically at the newly construct commercial area at Jalan Sin Onn called Taipan Commercial Center (hey who knows, I might be posting about them in the future as well).

** Current status - Still in operation (as of Nov 2014) 

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