Backyard Vacay: Marco Polo Hotel

Wow… it’s been ages since I’ve done one of these and it took a recent public holiday for me to be able to relax & pampered myself again. Once known as the numero uno hotel in Tawau, the 3 star hotel (or was it 4?) is located at Jalan Klinik. It’s actually been more than 20 years since I last set foot in this hotel as an overnight patron. I can honestly say that I practically spend my childhood years within the hotel since I’ve had relatives visiting us from abroad that had made the hotel their top choice for accommodation.

So imagine my surprise when I got into my designated room and found out that the room looked exactly like it was 20+ years ago. I mean seriously! Every single thing that I could possibly remember from my childhood was still present. Of course the hotel management did a good job at maintaining their rooms and I must admit that I’m pretty excited to stay in a very spacious and classy room. But to any other new patrons, they might view the room as very dated and has this old school vibe. Heck, even their TV was still one of those bulky (and with very limited channels) types that I thought did not exist anymore and their bathroom was without any hose pipe (but with a bathtub) which was a common feature within any newer hotels nowadays. They do however provide a plastic scoop as a substitute for the situation – which was hilarious on my part since this is the first time I saw such a thing within a well established hotel. But personally I liked the whole nostalgic vibe and felt comfortable right away. The view was great as well and the hotel staffs were all smiles as well so that’s a plus. They also provide free breakfast (which was nothing special but still sufficient) and free parking (yay!) within the premises. If you’re thinking of walking around town for some sight-seeing and light shopping, then I recommend this hotel since they’re smacked in the middle of the Tawau town area.

Let us now move on okay…

Type – Standard Room
Room – 3/5 (the big space was definitely a plus)  
Price – 3/5 (you guys can get a very good price via travel websites)
Service – 4/5 (service with a smile is always a winner in my books)
Decor – 4/5 (clearly in need of refurnishing but I do dig the whole nostalgic vibe)
Facilities3/5 (a lot of weddings & private meetings has been held there)
Location4/5 (centrally located, right next to the older mosque in town among other things)  

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