DD Bear Cafe

I had set my sights on this particular place for awhile now but never got to the chance to actually stop by, until recently of course. As far as I know, they are currently the only themed cafĂ© in existence here in Tawau (after the surprising closure of the Hello Kitty’s 25.9c Cafe and excluding the Chiffonade as they’re too ‘manly’ for this category) and I for one am glad that they’d managed to stayed open until now. And just so you guys know, they’re situated within the Taman Da Hua 3 single row of shops.  

It’s kind of obvious just by looking through my pictures below (and from their name of course) that they’re into all things teddy bears. And even though you might started out as a non-fan of the kumas, you’ll definitely change your mind (and heart) by the time your meal has finished (especially if you happen to be sitting right next to one that’s as large as you – creepy but very kawaii). You can’t just get over the overflowing cuteness being displayed all over the place. Even my mom could not resist a couple of selfies with those teddies. But what about their food you asked? I admit that I initially had high hopes for them but what transpired was quite the opposite. Me and my mom were not really in the mood for their western selections so we’d each ordered their Chicken Fried Rice and Fried Egg Noodles. The dishes were huge in terms of portion and very satisfying. But taste wise, both tasted just so-so for us (and somewhat dry, even though they did provide sambal with said dishes). But that did not deter us from sharing their Chocolate Pancake afterwards and that faired better than its predecessors (it’s just delicate and not too sweet). Another thing that I do need to address here is the fact that they did took quite some time in preparing our food (by that I mean more than 30 minutes), which wouldn’t be such an issue should we’re not the first (and only) customers at that time.  

** Current status – Has moved to KK (as of May 2018)

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