Rumah Makan Putri Minang

Also known as Restoran Putri Minang (I’m purposely using their other name just because it sounded cooler and more authentic), the barely a month old eatery has opened its doors within the ‘hotel row’ of Fajar Complex (they’re right next to Heritage Hotel). God knows just how much I’d missed Indonesia’s Padang cuisine (there was a Padang food eatery that had opened a few years back at Kubota Square but has since been closed) so I was more than happy that this particular restaurant has decided to take the plunge and open such eatery within the notoriously competitive commercial area.

The foods were as veritable as it can get, since the friendly veterans manning the restaurant were Minangkabau in ethnicity. Although food selections were not as vast as one would hoped from a Padang cuisine restaurant (as they’re typically known for their multiple choices of readily cooked ‘lauks’) the foods that me and my partner had tried were nevertheless flavoursome. Now do forgive me if I’ve wrongly identified the dishes (as the waiter was talking a bit too fast for me to fully caught up to what he was saying) but we did tried out their Beef Rendang (my partner cleared this dish up all by himself so that was a good sign), Gulai Ayam (its whiter than what I usually had but the chicken was juicy with superior spice level), Grilled Fish (the sambal lado on top definitely elevated the taste of said fish) and Fried Begedil (you just can’t go wrong with a potato patty now can you?). They’d also given us some Daun Ubi (boiled cassava leaves) as our ‘ulam’ for free so the experience dining there was a positive one for us. Now all I had to do is to cross my fingers and prayed that this place will lasts longer than expected, as the previous tenants to the shop had issues maintaining a steady stream of customers in the past.       

Besides that…

Food – 4/5 (I do hoped that they would add to their current selection of ‘lauks’ in the near future)
Price –4/5 (still very reasonable)
Service – 4/5 (I really like the all round smiles from said ‘veterans’)
D├ęcor – 3/5 (nothing much to comment on this area)
Location – 4/5 (they’re also right next to one of two 7 Eleven stores around the area)

** Current status – Still in operation (as of December 2017)  

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