Restoran Resepi Bonda

Since my partner is a die-hard footie fan, I got dragged into places that I never thought I would’ve gone numerous times in the past. So when he found out the existence of this particular restaurant (bearing his numero uno team no less) he wasted no time in coaxing me to stop by the latter, which is located at Jalan St. Patrick (the single row shop right in front of LA Hotel).

This restaurant is an obvious hub for local Liverpool FC fans to gather around and trash talk other teams each time there’s a big game being streamed live (from my personal observation of course). But if you’re not into the whole football scene, you can always opt to immerse yourself in your own gastronomic world and ordered an array of local dishes available from the menu (like I did). I’ve eaten their Nasi Ayam Lalap (which was surprisingly appetizing although some might argue that it was a tad salty) as well as some Grilled Chicken Wings from a stall nearby (so-so at best). My partner had their Nasi Goreng Cina and he’d also said that it was quite tasty despite the less appealing look (well, it’s either that or because his team was scoring the moment I’d asked him about it). One thing that I would like for them to highlight on is their cleanliness though (or the lack of it to be exact).    

** Current status – Still in operation (as of December 2017) 

**Yup, my partner is standing by his team, no matter what

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