Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

I still remember the time when Big Apple Donuts & Coffee first opened its doors here in Tawau (specifically in Fajar Complex, on the same row as Kingston Executive Hotel) a few years back. Man, you could barely make it to their cashier counter due to the overwhelming crowd and very long queues. But now that the hyped has died down, the situation is the exact opposite of the latter. When I suddenly had the urged for some donuts recently, it does not escape my attention that the place was pretty vacant. But on the other hand, I did get to sit down and enjoy my donuts peacefully so it’s all good (for me at least).

Since they’re the one and only donut shop here in Tawau, I can’t complain much on the variety of their pastry since I do admit that it is quite vast. But what I do want to comment on however is their sometimes overbearingly sweet flavours. For example, I opted for their Java Lava, Chocoholic and Mimi Lolo donuts and the former was by far the sweetest one of them all. Granted, I do love its (very) chocolate-y flavour but even a self-proclaimed ‘chocoholic’ such as myself would agree that the sweetness should be taken down a notch. Ever heard of ‘less is more’ Big Apple? Ironically though, I did ordered their Ice Peach Tea to wash off my tongue and got a very watered down version of said drink. Definitely not worth paying RM8 for something that you could easily buy elsewhere (the drink is from the Lipton variety) for half the price.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of December 2017)

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