25.9c Cafe

So my very first tale is all about this lovely cafe that me, my partner & family accidentally discovered while driving around. The location itself might be a challenge unless you're highly determine to find it or somebody already tipped you off. It's located at the industrial building behind the Jade Ocean Restaurant at Jalan Apas, Tawau.

What interest me about the place is obviously the overall concept. It's glaringly obvious that the owner is a Hello Kitty avid lover because from the moment you stepped into the place, that is the only thing you'll see, right down to the food. So to other Doraemon, Keroro or Domo lovers, run for your lives! I don't really know what to expect for the food (since I was still overwhelmed by the pinkish decor & I'm not even kidding you - Hello Kitty songs accompanying you all the way) but I'm happy to report that the food were lovely and delicious. I tried the Hello Kitty Fried Rice and it's quite tasty. My partner ate a Fried Maggie Mee with Chicken Satay (or something like that) and he's raving about it as well. My other family members tried their Fried Maggie Mee (without any side dish - which held its own) and Fried Mee with Chicken Chop (my sister's choice). But my absolute favourite was none other than their Lava Cake set. LOVED the chocolate lava oozing out of the dish. I must say that I wouldn't mind braving my way into the pink heaven just to sample more food from this place in the near future. But I'm still puzzled by the origin of the place's name of course. Any ideas people?

** Current status - Has been closed (as of July 2015)

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Anonymous said...

wow..thaat was pretty cute...but when i go there,,,they serve the food too late...i am little angryy..but the food was tatsy to because the hello kitty ones...i think the deco not pretty enogh but its pretty.. ^^

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