Venice Coffee House

So next on my agenda is the frequently visited Venice Coffee House, situated at the clearly-in-need-of-a-major-facelift Belmont Marco Polo Hotel, Tawau. If you're not familiar with Tawau, than it's actually near to the in-famous Pasar Gantung and Servay-Parkwell Superstore.

Me and my family have came to this particular place ever since I could remember. And you know what, it looks EXACTLY like I could remember it. So now I'm reviewing their latest offerings in the lunch buffet department. Sometime last year, the management decided to change the buffet menu from 'Kampung Style' to 'International Style'. But I'm sorry to report that the food is actually more towards the 'Chinese Style' rather than the latter. Not that I'm complaining of course, since I loved Chinese food as well! There are a variety of main course food to sample on but a bit lacking at the dessert department. The taste? Hmm.. Honestly I think it's okay but some of the food lacked salt (or something, I'm sorry that I can't give you the exact problem ala Gordon Ramsey). But hey, less salt less fat right (well, at least that's what the holy box of God, the television is saying). The service is good, as the waiters are friendly enough but there's a weird story that I wanted to share here. True story - the head chef was inspecting the food when I was picking up a prawn from a tray of food when he practically came over to me and told me off (I'm not kidding here folks) for 'picking up the food in a wrong way'. I mean, excuse me? It's news to me that there's a specific way to take a prawn into your plate. I was left speechless by this! Although my mom is having the time of her life laughing at my predicament (thanks for your support mom!).

** Current status - Still in operation (as of September 2013)

Updated on 29/12/2016 - Th whole family decided to give their lunch buffet another go and we discovered that the food choices has somewhat lessen throughout the years. The lunch buffet is now priced at RM20.00 per adult and RM15 for kids. 

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