Food Central Taman Megah Jaya

Since we (that being me and my mum) just had had enough of Hari Raya food (for now), we decided to try something different. Newly opened Food Central has been on my radar for sometime now. There's no way to avoid it since it's situated right in front of Tawau's one and only McDonalds. Owned by the same brilliant people behind the popular Taste Two restaurant in Perdana Square commercial area, the place has a food court concept which was actually quite rare in Tawau.

It's quite hilarious to see me and my mum going all confused when we got there. Are we suppose to order our food at the stalls? Or do we just go straight to the counter? And why are people carrying that order sheet around?? So after observing 'quietly' for a while, we finally figured things out. At least we think we did. Apparently, you do need to order (or in some cases, you can straight away take your food of choice) from the stalls first before paying for them at the counter. And that order sheet? It's for specially ordered food, so you can pay beforehand and take your seat before the waitresses send it to your table once it's cooked.

For our premier visit, I've ordered their Gon Lou Mee with Roasted Chicken (which tasted pretty good, but I think their Taste Two version was better) while mum just took their Nasi Campur (readily cooked dishes from the counter) which she'd given a thumbs up plus some fried noodles, spring rolls and fish ball. Yeah, she got greedy with so many of her favourites there. We also tried their dim sum & bun and both are pretty satisfying in taste. The food are mainly Chinese food (with a Teppanyaki station as well) so we're planning to come back to try on other selections such as their lovely looking chicken rice, noodle dishes, dim sum and buns.

** Current status - Has been closed (as of April 2017)

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