Tawau Seafood Restaurant

I just notice that this particular place has been gathering cobwebs inside my laptops picture folder for a while now. Somehow I overlooked it a few times but not any more (yes, I'm partly ashamed of myself). This Tawau Seafood Restaurant sits nicely on the same row of building as its main rival the Ocean Area Seafood Restaurant (see previous post) and the ever-changing AX nightclub at the Fajar Complex area.

According to their (very clearly, blind-people proof) sign board outside, the place is a Muslim restaurant therefore we assume that it also serves halal food. The owner (heard it from a reliable source) is actually a successful Chinese businessman who'd converted to Islam after marrying a Malay lady (a former Miss Malaysia no less). So hence the Muslim based restaurant. The food there were pretty good in general, with some hit and misses at times. During this trip, me and the 'rents decided to go all the way and ordered several items such as Fried Squid (pretty crispy), Special Fried Tofu (hands down the best in town - and that's saying something), Fried Rice for myself (meh!) Ginger Sliced Fish (again, very so-so) and dad's favourite the kangkung dish (me thinks it needed a few minutes more on the wok). I'm actually generally okay with the food and the place but I do have a little 'beef' with the captain of the waiters though. No offence to the old Chinese dude (cuz I'm sure he's been doing this for sometime now) but he really needs to 'read' his customers more carefully as sometimes he might do some (unintentional I'm sure) things that can get on your nerves. Examples? When he's already handing you the bill, when you haven't actually ask for it yet. Or busy cleaning up the plates on the table, when some body's still half eating.

** Current status - Has been closed (as of August 2016)

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