Outward Vacay: The Palace Hotel

While I'm at it, I might as well squeezed in another review just before I go into my hibernating mode again. So just like my previous trip, I have this habit of hotel hopping so my first accommodation is The Palace Hotel Kota Kinabalu. Now before I even stepped into the hotel, I've heard and read some not so favourable reviews regarding the hotel. One colleague even said (with great seriousness) that the place was haunted! But I've decided to give it a go and you know what, me and my partner had a great time there. Granted it might be further from the main attractions (it's situated up on a hill) but at least the Karamunsing Complex (dated mall but still pretty sufficient) and the Karamunsing Capital (rows of new shops - with several new eateries) were just downstairs (and I do mean, down some stairs). And thankfully, we did not encounter any wandering spirits while we were there.

Stepping into the room, I was immediately drawn to their wooden based flooring. I personally love such types of flooring so it's definitely a plus for me. The brightness of the room was also very comforting and the unique use of blinds as oppose to regular curtains was impressive as well. The room was more spacious than I initially thought which what makes it even more appealing to me. The bathroom and showers were pretty standard but I like the fact that their tiles were not the slippery types. Although the view we got was of the back of the hotel (which is a bit jungle-ly) I'm satisfied with the room enough to let such small details go. We were also given free breakfasts throughout our stay (more on that in my next post) and the hotel staff were generally very friendly and attentive except for the guy manning the pool area. When we requested towels before taking a dip into the pool (the pool was a bit murky when we were there but still..) we were greeted with this judgemental look. A few seconds passes by with him looking both of us up and down before he finally gave us a towel only and said that it's the 'hotel's policy' to give out limited towels to patrons. Which was okay for us, if we didn't notice people coming after us (a foreign couple) got one each and another a big family (which consist of an important looking father) got one each as well. Such double standards should not exist today so I'm pretty pissed off by that! I've been to several other bigger hotels and they do not have any problems in giving out pool towels.

But nevertheless I gave them...

Type - Superior Room
Room - 4/5 (I just loved the wooden based flooring)
Price - 4/5 (I highly recommend you to booked through hotel booking sites for the best prices)
Service - 3/5 (everything's great except for that pool boy)
Decor - 4/5 (surprising very modern and comfortable - love the castle like structure as well)
Facilities - 3/5 (again, my only concern was on their pool)
Location - 4/5 (it might be above a hill but this is definitely your place if you're after relaxation)

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