The Pines (KK FoodieVenture #20)

Sorry to disappoint you guys out there but I'm still here, alive and kicking! But after an end-of-the-year holiday to my favourite city in Sabah, I practically jumped back into my workload (and what a 'load' it is folks) and only barely manage to find sometime to update this blog. I'll definitely try my hardest to update it more frequently in the future so don't worry okay guys..

It's like a tradition for me and my dear partner to stopped by at our favourite 'resort' on our way to KK. It took us almost 8 hours to get there from Tawau so we do need a little break before continuing our journey the next day. I won't get into much about the resort (since I'd reviewed the place in my previous post) but I do regret not being able to review their one and only cafe the last time. If you're staying at one of the chalets, then chances for you to get a complimentary breakfast (or even dinner, from what I've heard) are high. Me and my partner made ourselves to the cafe at around 9.00am, which can be considered late by the resorts standards. The breakfast buffet was already limited in terms of choices but when you arrived during peak hours, chances are that the trays might be almost emptied. Unfortunately, that's what happen when we were there. It took them a few more minutes to refill those trays so at the mean time, you're left admiring the surrounding sceneries and pretty much doing nothing else. The place was small in terms of spacing so you really do need to share your table with other patrons (which is not a problem since we got to know this lovely Irish elderly couple while waiting for the food). The breakfast buffet consists of a limited and typical local & western choices such as Fried Rice, Fried Sausages, omelets and some other local dishes. A bread station was also available, as well as their drinking station. Taste wise, the food was satisfying but nothing to shout about. You have limited choices for food when you're in a tiny town like Kundasang so overall I'd say it's still acceptable for the purpose of filling up your belly before lunchtime.

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