The Burger Bakar Borneo (KK FoodieVenture #36)

Yup, I’m on a roll people. Well, I might as well put out a few reviews at one go as my wifi could go off again at any moment. There’s somewhat a boom in the grilled burger business in KK since the last time we were there so we’d taken this opportunity to stopped by another ‘burger bakar’ joint and this time around, it’s the Burger Bakar Borneo restaurant at Alamesra commercial complex, which is near to the other entrance (called the Alamesra Plaza Utama – just found out about it through Google though). We’d actually come across them on a (very) rainy day and for the fact that we got lost (again) around the very confusing road at the Alamesra area. What can I say; it’s definitely an ‘adventure’ driving around that commercial area. Har har har

We’d decided to let the rain run its course and ordered ourselves some tasty looking grilled burgers. I’ve decided to take on their Alien Chicken Burger set while my partner ordered their Vintage Beef Burger set (the names might be different – can’t exactly recall what their names are). Both of us gave their grilled burgers two thumbs up for variety and for their pretty delicious taste. But if you’re not into burgers that much than rest assured as they also provide other types of Asian and Western dishes for you to try.

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