Cafe Promenade (KK FoodieVenture #34)

Sorry for being absent for a while as I’m having difficulties with my wifi at the moment. But I’ll try my best not to disappoint you guys okay. So here’s another review that I’ve actually forgotten about before. I was suppose to post this right after the Promenade Hotel review (as this was related to that) but hey, better late than never right? Now as far as I know, if you’re staying at the hotel, then you’re most probably treated with free breakfast. So where else can you get their delicious spread of breakfast than their CafĂ© Promenade, on the ground floor, right next to the hotel’s main lobby. The food spread was pretty big, obviously enough to cater for hungry patrons during the mornings but what they lacked was probably the variety of food. We were there for 3 days and the main course (the Nasi Lemak) was the same throughout our stay. But since I’m a huge fan of Nasi Lemak, it’s not exactly a problem for me. There are also other typical breakfast items such as cereals, breads, sausages and even special salad bars as well as pastries. My only disappointment was when I discovered that me and my partner were practically ‘invisible’ to the eyes of the waiters there, especially when requesting for some tea. They constantly passes us by while busy chatting up to obviously foreign tourists at the next table. Again, this double standard in serving has got to stop no matter where you are. We might be local tourists, but we’re still paying customers just like other tourists.

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