Footie fans all over Tawau will probably love this place, particularly if your team of choice is none other than the Red Devils (aka Manchester United). As a fan myself, I was pretty happy to find a place that shares your interest, located right on the front row of Kubota Square. Even my dear partner (who’s a Liverpool FC die hard fan mind you) loved the place simply because of the atmosphere. The decors were fully dedicated to that of Manchester United’s jerseys, personal pictures and memorabilia (some of them are even personally autographed by MU players) that even non fans might enjoy browsing through their stuff.

Now food wise however might be a different matter. Although the cafĂ© is pretty popular among Tawaurians (footie fans or not) I find that the food was just average at best. My personal favourite probably be their Sambal Fried Rice which was pretty tasty and has a slight spicy taste to it but the other food that we’d ordered were just so-so. For example, my partner’s Chicken Marmite Rice sauce was pretty good but the rice was a bit hard to chew. The Chicken Burger was your typical deep fried patty with some mayonnaise and chilli sauce so nothing to shout about. But the worse one for me has got to be their Chicken Floss Toasts. I mean, I did not expect it to be overbearingly sweet. It might be other patrons cup of tea but it’s definitely not mine. But I’m definitely giving praise to their Nasi Kerabu Ayam (yes, they also provide those) since it’s delicious and in a satisfying portion (but be warned of the pricing though – it’s on the expensive side of things).

** Current status – Still in operation (as of June 2016) 

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