Nasi Lemak Guru Besar

Yes, you’d read correctly. I imagine that you guys are conjuring your own former primary school’s headmaster in your head when you first heard the name of the place (because I certainly did). And you have to admit that the name alone really made you want to try them out right? It’s one of those things that made your head turn and your curiosity burns. So if you’re also interested, the place is situated at Jalan Dominic, by the roadside near to SJK Sin Hwa and right next to the Mitsubishi Motors Service Centre. You can’t possibly miss them since their place is the only place with a bamboo fence around that area.

The obviously Nasi Lemak oriented eatery has only been opened for a month or so (around two weeks before the fasting month to be exact) so do expect their menu to be on the limited side for now. They only provide 2 choices for their main dish, which we’d coincidentally ordered. I took on their Nasi Lemak Ayam (which was actually delicious overall, the sambal was thick while the chicken was crispy – but probably not the best in town) while my partner tried out their Nasi Lemak Ori (the same Nasi Lemak I had only without the chicken) and he commented on their rice, which was really fragrant and you can really taste the ‘santan’ (coconut milk) on them. Other than their Nasi Lemak, they also offered assorted ‘lauks’ for their Nasi Campur but since we came in the mornings, I can’t show you guys any picture on them. Why don’t you guys try your luck in the afternoon and onwards, since the place opened daily up until 10pm.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of June 2016) 

Updated on 01/10/2016 - They have recently added a few variety into their existing menu which includes Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam, Nasi Lemak Sotong Sambal & Mee Kari Udang. Also, try out their Pandan Cendol which tasted pretty good 

Updated again on 13/04/2017 - I'm just adding a couple of their latest offerings here. We recently had their Roti Jala & Popiah Goreng and both were pretty yummy...

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