BTC Bistro Restaurant & Catering

The BTC Group Berhad is no stranger when it comes to textile as they’re quite synonymous to the business. But not everyone may know (especially if you’re living outside of Kota Kinabalu) that BTC has also ventured into other businesses that include restaurants and providing catering services (just to name a few). So when we heard (or more precisely saw their well placed banners all over town) that they’d opened a branch in Tawau (situated within the old Sabindo town area, right at the backside of their textile shops) me and my partner decided to stopped by one evening for dinner.

Feeling a bit apprehensive as we made our way into their upscale looking restaurant (as it was practically empty during said time), we nevertheless decided to soldiered on and ordered some cuisines right off their menu. My partner decided upon their Nasi Goreng USA (to which he said that it was tasty but a bit spicy) plus some Roti Canai while I opted for their Nasi Goreng Mamak Ayam (yummy and well seasoned). I’d also checked out their selection of pre-cooked items from their display trays and upon recommendation by the staff, decided to give their Peria Goreng Berempah (Spiced Bitter Gourd) a go. Mind you, I never like eating that particular vegetable before but the dish did looked appealing in my opinion (or maybe because I was just greedy) so finally I said why not. And may I say that I definitely did not regret it since it tasted delicious as the spices had covered most of the bitter gourd’s bitter taste. I’m definitely a fan of their version of the latter now!

** Current status – Still in operation (as of February 2018) 

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