CaCa Patisserie

I would be lying if I said that this cosy looking place did not intrigued me the moment I’d laid my eyes on them at the 1Arena commercial area (the in-famous single row shop lot right next to Giant Hypermarket, in the same row as Arteasan). But a quick search on the internet (specifically their FB page) puts me in somewhat a dilemma. You see, they’re originally a shop that specializes in baking custom made cakes and pastries, as well as selling good quality baking goods. So initially I had no real reason to be there until a few months ago when they’d suddenly had an epiphany and decided that it’s finally time for them to renovate some part of their shop into a cafĂ© as well.

So as I was cruising around the area solo one hot evening (sometime before Xmas no less), I finally decided that it was time for some relaxing tea break. As I made my way to the front of their display case, I found myself slightly umm… disappointed. I mean, the variety was nothing to complain about as there were definitely plenty of choices to go around. I guess what disheartened me was when I took a look at the size of their cakes, as almost all of them were quite small. I ate two of those (the Super Dark Chocolate cake & Almond Latte Mousse Cake – both tasted above average at best) and I was seriously thinking of ordering another slice soon afterwards but decided against it in the end. But then again, the price for the cakes (apart from their brownies) was just RM9.00 each so I shouldn’t be complaining much either right? It was probably because I was expecting more since they did produced lovely looking custom made cakes (judging from their FB of course). I also had their chamomile tea to wash off the sweetness away. The beverage was pretty plain but still adequate.

** Current status – Has moved elsewhere (as of Sept 2018) 

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