Choice Restaurant (KK FoodieVenture #67)

Since I was only in KK for approximately 3 days and 2 nights for my cousin’s wedding, there isn’t much of a foodie-venture for me this time around. And most of the places that we did stopped by were repeatedly visited eateries (such as the Fook Yuen Cafe & Bakery) so there isn’t much to tell either. But when I was accompanying my partner to check into his hotel, we did try out the Indian restaurant right next door for some supper (it was already late when he finally arrived in KK so…). The restaurant is located at Jalan Pantai (or within the Gaya Street area) and right next to the Kinabalu Daya Hotel

What annoys me the most about this restaurant was probably the service. Look, I do understand that it was late at night and this is a 24 hours joint (so maybe the waiters were tired and stuff) but it doesn’t excuse the few people left manning the place to ignore us as we’re calling for them to take our orders. We’d pretty much had lost our mood to eat something from their self-proclaimed ‘north and south Indian cuisines’ menu by the time one of the waiters lazily approached us that we just ordered something simple, just so we could fill our bellies quickly and move along. I had their Roti Telur while my partner ate 2 of their Roti Canai and unfortunately there were nothing remarkable about them other than being just okay in tastes. But they did give us 2 types of curries to dip our respected dishes with and both actually faired better than the mains. One of those tasted a bit tangy while the other was more on the spicy side. 

And I’m still going to rate them of course…

Food – 3/5 (it’s not too bad but nothing memorable about them either)
Price – 3/5 (seems pretty fair to me)
Service – 2/5 (they'd also got our drinks mixed-up with something that were totally different)
D├ęcor – 3/5 (your typical, average Indian kedai kopi setting)
Location – 4/5 (its also visible from across the street of Wisma Merdeka mall)

*These were the Roti Canai that my partner had

*And this was my Roti Telur

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