Restoran Pok Din Nasi Kukus & Nasi Ayam

Now that we’re back in Tawau, I would like to introduce to you this restaurant. Not because of its food, but rather the place itself intrigues me. The restaurant is situated on the main junction leading into Fajar Complex area, right beside the De Choice Hotel. This particular lot has seen more changes in terms of renters than me changing my own clothes in a day. This year alone saw the place being rented by 3 different eateries, with the Restoran Pok Din as its most current tenant.

And when I was finally able to check the place out, I do believe that the main problem does not lie with their food. It’s more or less a problem with the parking. I mean, this has got to be one of the most difficult places to find a proper parking nearby, as their backside houses limited parking spaces while the ones in front were almost always full because of other shops that were also occupying the immediate area. Plus, the place is big in size so I do imagine that the rent must be astronomical as well. Food wise, we’d tried out their Nasi Ayam, Nasi Kukus and Rojak Buah. The selection might be a tad small (apart from the ones mentioned above, they only offer Gado-Gado, Rojak Ayam, Sup Tulang and Soto on their current menu) but quality wise everything were very satisfactory (with their Nasi Kukus being delicious and flavourful). My mom commented that the place might not have a good ‘ong’ (luck) but that subject might be open for future debates.

** Current status – Has been closed (as of Dec 2017) 

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