Outward Vacay: Kinabalu Daya Hotel

On the same weekend that I was in Kota Kinabalu to attend a wedding, my partner was also in town to finished up some work that he had. His initial plan was to stay at the hotel that I was staying but since they were fully booked, he had no choice but to pick this hotel, which is also located at Gaya Street and only seconds away from my hotel.

It was very unfortunate on his part that he was given a non-refurbished room after checking in. It was totally different from the ones that they were promoting on several booking sites that it literary threw me off when I first open the door. It was so small in size, has dimmed lighting and was very dated looking. I was also very amused to see the bulky TV set sitting inside the room. Better yet, they still had one of those old-school side table switches that I thought had gone extinct since my childhood (scroll down to get the full picture). The bathroom didn’t fare any better, as it felt somewhat icky although acceptably clean. Personally I think that you can get a better room with the price that you’re paying nearby (do note that they’ll also charge you a deposit fee of RM100 upon check in). But on a (slightly) positive note, the hotel lobby does look good (which can give you a false first impression) and the ‘veteran’ receptionists were actually very friendly. But I will not recommend this hotel to you for those reasons alone, unless they had a ridiculously cheap rate or had fully refurbished every single room within its premise.

Next we have…

Type – Standard No Window
Room – 2/5 (you definitely should request for their refurbished rooms upon check in)
Price – 3/5 (their cheapest room is still slightly expensive than other equally levelled hotels nearby)
Service – 4/5 (hats off to the veterans – they definitely knew their stuff)
D├ęcor – 2/5 (they definitely had past their prime)
Facilities – 4/5 (there are a couple of tour agencies, massage services, cafe as well as a money-changing counter attached to the hotel)
Location – 4/5 (they’re also directly facing the Wisma Merdeka mall)

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