DelightGO Meet & Chill (KK FoodieVenture #68)

It will not be a complete trip to KK for me if I did not make a pit stop at the ever popular Imago shopping mall at least once. It’s mainly due to the fact that it’s still considered brand spanking new (and I’m drawn to them like a moth to a flame) and there seems to be endless undiscovered food just popping up every time I went there. So it comes as no surprise that this new bakery cum café has entered my food hunting radar. For those of you entering the mall through the main entrance facing KK Times Square, the bakery is visible to your left.

Initially I just went past the place as I was entering the mall. I did give them a glance before moving on and not giving them a second thought afterwards. But as I was making my way out, the sweet smell of the baked goods as well as cakes eventually pulled me into the adorable looking place. Since my tummy was already at its max level by then, I’ve decided to take away some of their mille crepe cakes (which were prettily displayed next to the cashier). It was kind of obvious for me to take on their Chocolate Mille Crepe cake (which tasted very smooth and not too sweet, just the way I like it) but it was out-of-my-character to choose the Durian Mille Crepe cake as well since I did not like (or could not to be precise) eating durian that much (yup I know, it’s my loss). I guess I was attracted to the sweet smell and cute looking cake that I’d eventually found myself finishing them up at our hotel. And I must say that I like it a lot. They’d managed to blend the durian pulp (it is called a pulp?) into its layers nicely and the result was something not too overpowering especially with the durian involved and was evenly sweetened.

Moving on shall we…

Food – 4/5 (I’ll probably try their yummy looking buns the next time around)
Price – 3/5 (still pretty reasonable considering the place and all)
Service – 4/5 (very prompt and friendly – probably got something to do with it being newly opened)
Décor – 4/5 (I felt the cosiness of the lightly coloured eatery)
Location – 4/5 (it’s also right in front of the Upperstar Restaurant & Bar)

*Sorry for the unflattering picture as I was walking around other places with the cake in tow afterwards

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