Outward Vacay: Kinabalu Pine Resort

Not that you'll notice (but I do hope you will, huhuhu.. ) but I've been MIA for the past few weeks. I've been busy with work these days but before that, I had what you called 'out-stationed' myself. Well, it's mainly because that it's finally the end of the year and I'm feeling kinda 'itchy'. More precisely, I'm itching to go somewhere where I can not only relax, but maybe even explore uncharted territories when it comes to food & lounging. So when my partner said 'I'm bored.. let's go to KK' I responded with 'I'm there!'. So starting from this post (and a couple of other that will follow) I'll be doing a coverage on my trip to KK... Here we go folks...

So first up is my stop at the Kinabalu Pine Resort, which is situated at the very famous Kundasang valley, just slightly outside of Kota Kinabalu. We had been driving for more than 6 hours straight (and it's been raining like nobodies business and it's getting late) so my dear partner had this idea to stop at the resort for the night. I'm pretty sceptical at first since it's the mother of all peak seasons right then and from what I've heard, the place is the place to go when you're in Kundasang. But my overconfident partner persuaded me to give it a try and lo and behold... he's confidence paid off (yes, he's pretty smug about it). Surprisingly, there's one chalet available for the night since somebody cancelled last minute (thank you Somebody!) and even though it's quite pricey (since it's suppose to be one of the best chalets there is) we decided to grab the chance. And boy, that's hands down the best decision we've ever made!

The chalet was pretty spacious. And our chalet was actually located at the very top of the somewhat steep location (which explains why it's one of the best chalets there is = the higher the better). All of the chalets are actually connected with at least one other so like it or not, you'll have to share the (again, huge) balcony with other patrons. Thank God our neighbour was this friendly, kind Chinese family from Johor (shoutout to Mr Chan and family!). Inside the chalet you have the standard and comfortable amenities that you'll get from a typical chalet. The hot showers were awesome (and feels really good) and the LCD TV had a few channels (although we got some fuzzy reception for the local channels) but we didn't mind it that much since me and my partner spends most of the time outside, ogling at the magnificent Kinabalu mountain views like a bunch of 5 year olds. It might be the rainy season when we were there but it didn't stop us from cuddling like hell outside with one another (cold rainy weather + existing cold mountain dews = VERY cold place). Parking wise might be a challenge since there's limited spaces near the chalets and everywhere else is 'mountainy' steep (yup, my fave word for the day) but not impossible to find. There's also a karaoke bar nearby (where 'somebody' thought they're God's gift to mankind in singing - no wonder it rained so much), a pretty garden, a rabbits den (yes, that adorable creatures) and a restaurant that opens until 11.00pm. They do provide free breakfast (for 2 persons max) and although there might not be that many variety in terms of food choices, it is still sufficient. But if you do have your own vehicle, it is advisable to visit the nearby Kundasang (tiny) town for some local food since the resort's restaurant focuses more on steamboat style meals during dinner. 

So for ratings, I would give them...

Type - Superior Deluxe Room (Chalet S)
Room - 5/5 (pretty cozy and standard for a chalet - with breathtaking views)
Price - 4/5 (yes, you can probably get a cheaper place nearby but I assured you, you'll not regret it)
Service - 4/5 (the receptionist was pretty polite, no problems there)
Decor - 5/5 (internal chalet decor might be ordinary but their landscaping is one of the prettiest I've seen)
Facilities - 4/5 (it may be a bit 'steepy' but they have everything you'll need in a resort)
Location - 4/5 (you'll definitely see the huge signage at the bottom of the resort so don't worry about missing the entrance)

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