Restoran Sri Sembilan Ria (KK FoodieVenture #1)

So after a one night (very) relaxing stay at the lovely Kundasang, me and my partner headed off to our original destination, Kota Kinabalu with renewed spirits. And since it took around 1 and a half hours to get to KK from Kundasang, we got there almost around noon so automatically we found ourselves around Harbour City, very near to Sutera Harbour Resort and KK Times Square.

For some reason, we're somewhat drawn to this establishment called Restoran Sri Sembilan Ria amongst the rows of eatery in the premises. Maybe it's because that the place lacks people (which sometimes is a plus point since you not always wanting a noisy, crowded place to eat). And since it's still brunch time, I've decided to go for some fried mee and fried sausages to filled up me belly. And I must say that it's quite tasty as well (although a tad oily). My partner decided that he's hungry enough to have a heavy lunch so he decided to take on their buffet style lunch meal and according to him, it's pretty good and fulfilling as well. Now although we might not have any problems with the place and food, we do however have a bone to pick with the waiters. They're snail phased and the waiters (more precisely 'waitresses') were more interested in talking to one another then serving its customers. When I called them to take our drink orders, the girl that was suppose to be a waitress at the place gave me that bored and 'I-can't-be-bothered-with-you' look that may explain why the place lacked customers (as compared to a more crowded looking place just beside ours) in the first place. Our bad indeed...

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