Empire Building Food Stalls

So I did mention before in my previous post that there are around 3 major nightly food stalls in Tawau, Sabah and another one of those is this place. If you do visit the place, you'll see that the place will be jammed packed with people during the weekends as well as the Ramadhan fasting month. And obviously from the title above, the food stalls are situated right beside the very nostalgic Empire Building (said to be as old as my grandparents, or more) and in close proximity to Tawau's police headquarters in town.

Personally I prefer this place (as oppose to the previous one that I've reviewed) as it is brighter and cleaner looking but food-wise, they might be lacking in variety. Food stalls generally had very similar menus to one another so the competition were very stiff here. If you're a keen observer (ehem!) than you'll notice that some of the stalls are more popular than others so logic says that those places might be better in terms of taste than their rivals. So to test that theory, me and my partner (who'd frequent this place these few years) decided to try a stall with lesser customers this time around. We decided upon their Nasi Goreng Aspar (similar to that of Nasi Goreng Lalap but with more side dishes - which was not bad in taste but I admit that there are better ones nearby) and their Mee Goreng Ayam (my partner does not like it though, he said that it tasted weird and a bit hard to chew). So I guess we can conclude that yes, there might be some truth to the deliciousness (wow, even I'm impressed with myself for finally being able to use that word - har har har) of the popular stalls. Other than those heavy duty food, there're also a burger food truck (courtesy of Tawau's very own Nang Burger - man, those food trucks are everywhere!) and a single grilled chicken wings stall within the area for you to try.

** Current status - Still in operation (as of Oct 2014) 

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