Upgrade Hamburgers and Coffee

Since I have some free time due to the Hari Raya Aidiladha holidays, I think I'll do some catching up with my blogging and do double back-to-back reviews. Mind you, my review 'waiting list' has grown 'healthily' lately due to my 'busy-ness'. So this time around I present to you a little known eatery in Tawau called Upgrade Hamburgers and Coffee. And I say little known here because it's tuck away in a somewhat secluded side of the Fajar Complex. Actually its right at the back side of the commercial area, right next to the Nationwide Express courier office and overlooking a nearby housing area.

The place was really nice and comfortable. But when I took one look at their menu, one thing popped onto my mind. OMG.. We had our own version of Subway! And I didn't even know that such thing was possible in Tawau (har har har..). So if you're interested in ordering their burgers, than the concept is similar to those of Subway - you picked your type of burger from the menu, you choose your topping & sauces and you also get to choose your side orders. Well, maybe not exactly like Subway but quite closely resembles them. So I've ordered their Roast Chicken Burger (which was really awesome in taste, love the patty as well) while my partner opted for something entirely different, their Nasi Kuning Kukus (yes, they also have a few rice based set should you choose not to have their burgers). Oh and because they're ran out of 'nasi kuning' my partner's order comes with regular rice, together with a beef patty and some 'sambal' (he's giving it a thumbs up). Also need I remind you that the food here are on the expensive side but don't be scared by them as the food quality were pretty top notch. 

**Current status - Has been closed (as of July 2017)

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