5 Eateries That Had Closed (But I Wish They Hadn't)

That’s a mouthful huh? Hahaha… But in all seriousness, long before I discover the joys of food blogging, there were quite a few places to eat that I really wish were still open today. Not only because I wanted to review them, but more or less because they were my personal favourite places and I found myself reminiscing about them from time to time. So here I present to you my top five choices (in no particular order)…

Where? Ba Zhong Commercial Area (now a tyre store in front of Restoran Wakaf Tom Yam)
When? Not too long ago, around 2011
What? They mostly served delicious Italian cuisine. I especially loved their thin crusted pizzas.
Why? According to a friend, the owner had to close the place due to them moving someplace else. But I’m not too sure whether this is accurate though. Such a shame though since it’s previously my go-to place for Italian food.

(More info available from B.E.E.R! Blog &

Where? Kubota Square (now a 7Eleven store)
When? This one is the most recent of all, around 2012
What? If you’re familiar with the Indonesian Nasi Padang concept restaurant (like the one in KK called Nasi Padang Ibu) then you can guess what their food was like. I’m still craving for their tasty ‘lauk’ until now.  
Why? I think it’s mainly because of unstrategic location, because the area is mostly where the local Chinese crowd hangs out so they definitely did not get the attention that they deserved.

(More info available from

Where? Burger King – At Sabindo main town area (now Alee Sports Centre) while Sugarbun previously had 2 outlets – one was at Fajar Complex (now Jabatan Insolvensi) and another one at Sabindo main town area as well (now a ‘kedai kopi’ right across the street to Quong Ming bookstore)
When? Burger King around 1998 (yup, it’s that long ago) while Sugarbun popped up around the same time (or maybe even earlier than that)  
What? Do I really need to explain? Fast food goodness anyone?  
Why? Lack of advertisement (because we Tawaurians LOVE heavily advertised fast food joints) maybe? They were packed with people the first few months after their initial opening but eventually lost the interest of the people soon after that. Which was a huge shame though cuz I’m a Burger King fan (we’re a dying breed here in Tawau).

(More info available from

Where? Okay so it’s not exactly an eatery (it’s actually a stall within this really old school Chinese ‘kedai kopi’ at Jalan Chester – currently an Indian fabric & clothing store)    
When? I’ve been to this stall for years before they finally closed around 2011 (I think)
What? I mean seriously, the Chicken Rice was practically an institution in Tawau. The gravy was like none other and the side dish of ‘sambal anchovies’ were just out of this world.
Why? I don’t know exactly. I guess the main shop is closing so they’re moving as well. But I’m not sure where to though (if anybody has any info on this, it’ll be much appreciated)

(More info available from Welcome to my life... Blog)

Where? Fajar Complex (now a convenient store right next to this hardware store, same row as Affin Bank)
When? Wow, I’m not too sure though since this is probably the oldest one on the list. Err around 1990-ish maybe?
What? I remember going in there when I was still in primary school and ordering their fried rice. It may sound unremarkable but I do remember the taste of the dish being very good indeed. Oh and they served mostly Western & Chinese food at the time.
Why? They eventually relocated… to KK nonetheless (they're currently in the Damai area if I’m not mistaken). I heard they’re as popular there as they are here.

(More info from – these are pics from their current eatery at KK though cuz I can’t seem to find their previous pics here in Tawau – sorry folks)

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