My Kampung Restaurant (Stesen Ikan Bakar)

I might as well squeeze in another review while I still have some free time now (which unfortunately will come to an end soon). So another new place that I’ve (very) recently patron was this place that somewhat specializes in Grilled Fish (Ikan Bakar) dishes. It’s just recently opened at the (also) newly develop Gaya Commercial Centre, at Jalan Guru (next to Taman Gaya). My dad is a grilled fish fanatic so this is obviously ‘his place’ but he managed to drag us along for the ride.

It’s a no brainer for my dad to order himself some Grilled Fish meal set (which consists of a grilled fish of your choice, rice and 2 types of ‘sambal’). Mind you, one of the ‘sambal’ is definitely on the higher scale of spiciness while the other is more sweet tasting. Unfortunately, my mom and I were not much of a grilled fish fan so we opted for something else, which was their Mee Hoon Sup Ayam (my mom said that it’s so-so in taste) and their Nasi Lalap Ayam (which looks more like Ayam Penyet but taste-wise was pretty good, albeit a bit undercooked).

** Current status – Has been closed (as of Feb 2016) 

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Unknown said...

Nyum2...its look delicious.... Btw...hope my kampung can be most popular...not only at Sabah but all the world...bring your family to my kampung...come2...

Leena J said...

Yup, so very true :-)

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