BFTP: Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur

It’s been (somewhat) ‘ages’ since I’ve done a BFTP special so today I present to you… (God! I really do need a vacation soon!)

Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur

When – In 2011, for a very ‘special reason’ (which you’ll soon see below)
Where – If one of the main reasons for coming to KL is to see the famous Petronas Twin Towers, then this is the place for you as it is ridiculously near to it (right across the street to be exact)
Room(s) that I’ve stayed in – Paradise Cabana
Reasons for staying – Bet you didn’t know that I’m an avid football fan huh? The main reason why I went there that time was because Liverpool was visiting Malaysia & I can’t possibly passed up that opportunity now, could I?
~ the room is suitable for honeymooners, what with the bed setting and all (or two adventurous, romantic souls – whichever it is)
~ it’s at the same open air floor as the swimming pool and the garden so you’ll get the sense of being on a private property
~ the room price was pretty reasonable as compared to other hotels within the proximity (I mean really, it’s practically prime land)
~ Avenue K mall is also situated right next to the hotel so it’s pretty convenient for you to use the LRT services (as it is at the underground level of the latter)
~ the bellboys were polite and friendly, what with them asking us about the game right after we came back from it (or just frustrated fans that can’t join us due to work)
~ the hotel is huge but really looks a bit dated especially from the outside – will do with a couple of minor renovations
~ receptionists could also do with some smiles though – there’s one particular female receptionist who gave me this annoyed look when I ask for directions to the LRT
~ even though it might be very close to the Twin Towers, I do advice you to book a room on the higher floors though since we can’t really enjoy the view from where we are staying (unless you want to have severe neck pains – like we did)
Memorable event(s) – We were there mainly for the game (to which our home team gloriously lost) so in the spirit of it, we were wearing our jerseys (I’m wearing the Liverpool jersey while my partner decided on the Malaysian team) so we do attracted more than a few stares when we got out of the lift. It’s especially even more so when we converge with a few other in-similar-situation-fans at the lobby as if we’d planned it (which we did not – heck, we didn’t even know them!)
~ but we ended up going to the game as a group (and even got temporarily lost while finding the venue as a group – har har har) so that was a fun experience

Overall Ratings:  * * * * (pretty ‘groovy’ in my books)

(P/S: Pictures below are mostly ‘borrowed’ from so all credit goes to them)

It is right next to the famous Twin Towers

The room (or cabana) that we'd stayed in minus the love pillows & rose petals

The pool are surrounded by the 'cabana' rooms

The bathroom view if you're curious

The lobby where we 'converged' with other footie fans

You can't see it, but this mall is actually next to the hotel (and where you'll find the LRT services)

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