101 Breakfast

I dare you guys to Google up ‘breakfast + Tawau’ right this instant and tell me that their place does not pop up first. I mean, that’s exactly how I discovered them anyways. I was on a hunt for a new breakfast place and voila… this supposedly ‘open secret’ (sob sob…) suddenly came to my view. For those of you not in the know, the 101 Breakfast (yes, the somewhat morning version of their night time counterpart 101 Seafood Restaurant) is situated at Medan Selera, right at the backside of a row of popular Chinese seafood joints, very near to the main inter-district bus station. Not confusing at all huh? Oh well, there’s always Google map.

I was even more drawn to this place because of their menu. I mean, there’s no mee tauhu in sight (yesss… as much as I love mee tauhu, I’m in serious need of a new breakfast option). They have a slew of western breakfast/ brunch menu which looked yummy, every single one of them. The pricing was very reasonable and food came out pretty quickly so me and my partner were very happy. And the portions were pretty big so don’t get too greedy like we did (we actually had to tapau some of the food in the end – hehehe). We ordered their 101 Signature Sandwiches (loved it to bits especially the egg and chicken floss combination) and their Breakfast Set A omelette & hash browns (it comes with free ice tea, which was nice as well). We loved their food so much that we’d actually came back for more the next day and ordered their Tuna Toast, Tuna Sandwiches and Fishy Burger (like I said, we got over our heads again) and everything were pretty satisfying. Oh and do try out their new offering, the Ice Nesloccino (yup, neslo and cappuccino had a love child) which was just superb in taste.      

** Current status - Still in operation (as of March 2016)

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