Kedai Kopi Mee Tauhu Borneo

Yup, there’s a new (well, not exactly that new… they’ve been around for more than a year now) competition in town, specifically in the popular dish ‘mee tauhu’ category. Tawaurians most definitely loved this mostly breakfast dish so much that after the highly popular Jafre Mee Tauhu and Tawau Mee Tauhu restaurants, this place has also been making waves among ‘mee tauhu’ fans. It is currently the ‘it’ place for said dish that sometimes you do need to wait a bit for a table to be available to you, even during weekdays. It’s also located at an unlikely place, within the Ba Zhong Commercial area and is visible from the large round-a-bout.

I first notice them when several friends mentioned the place via Facebook and obviously I’m itching to check them out. We were very fortunate to get a table when we finally arrived there, during the weekends no less. We wasted no time in ordering their set of typical Mee Tauhu (which I admit, the ‘tauhu’ gravy tasted sweeter than its counterparts and overall pretty darn delicious) and their Nasi Kuning Ikan (my partner said that its pretty good as well – oh and there’s no chicken option to the Nasi Kuning so you’re stuck with the fish). The owner was also pretty hands on when it comes to servicing the customers, which is a definite plus in my books.       

** Current status – Still in operation (as of March 2016) 

Updated on 16/07/2016 - I've also tried out their Mee Hoon version and I must say that I found my favourite!

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