Gloria Jean's Coffees

I was recently tasked to pick up a relative from the Tawau airport and I admit was a bit unhappy. Mind you, the journey to and fro the airport was not a favourable one due to the very long distance. But when I finally managed to drag myself there, I was a bit surprise. For one, I just notice that there’s a Gloria Jean’s Coffee joint on the first floor, right next to the departure hall main entrance (hey, I got bored while waiting for auntie dearest so I went exploring a bit). Was it there before? But nevertheless it’s quite obvious that I must try them out. I mean, there’s no way I’m driving that far on another day, just to get a fix right?

From what I know, Gloria Jean’s Coffee is a place more dedicated towards giving you coffees, teas and other types of drinks. And after a while, I decided on their Iced Mocha and it’s delicious and simply addictive. The taste reminded me of a very good Teh C Special, but with a slight bitter coffee taste. If only they were nearer to town (sigh…). I also noticed their display shelve and was drawn to the cakes & pastries being displayed there. So I tried out their American Chocolate cake and… err, I found myself wondering about the very familiar taste. And it dawned to me that the cake tasted exactly like the cakes from a downtown popular bakery called Q Bread Bakery. Which was a bit disappointing on my part since if I really wanted to eat their cakes, I should just go to their bakery at Fajar Complex, which was nearer and most importantly, way cheaper (it costs around RM5 more there). And I think I’ve mentioned before on a previous post that the quality of the cakes from said bakery has been slowly downgraded over the years. It has this weird bitter after taste now, which makes it memorable but not in a good way.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of March 2016)

Updated on 04/10/2016 - I've been back recently and give their Double Chocolate Cake a go and this time around they did better. That 'weird' taste had lessen and their portion is bigger now

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