Nukies The Garage Food

Here’s another post that is somewhat related (well, sort of) to my previous post. Now this unique place is called Nukies The Garage Food simply because the main premise is within the compound of its owner’s house (err, I assume it’s the owner’s house anyway). And it might be a bit difficult to spot them at first because they’re somewhat hidden deep within a housing area called Taman Nordin and without any clear signage to tell you where it is. Me and my partner just randomly drive around the area (based on some trusty post from friends of WeChat to guide us) and were able to spot their place. Thankfully the housing area was not that big so you’ll be able to identify the eatery based on outer looks alone (a lot of patrons + lots of chairs & tables). 

So when I first arrived, I thought that the name of the place sounds familiar. So when I looked back at a previous post that I did in 2014, I found out that they’d previously opened a stall somewhere else but has since moved the business to their own home (which I personally think was a smart move judging from the size of their compound). It’s good to note that they’ll might be some ‘funky smell’ coming from their next door neighbour (which unfortunately owns a plant nursery) and that they’re only open starting 6.30pm onwards (daily except for Tuesdays).

Now with that out of the way, let me tell you guys a bit about the food and drinks. Since they’d moved, they have expanded their menus to other western food like chicken chop and meatballs, as well as their staple burgers. Another thing that the place is currently known for was their ice-blended drinks (see the theme here?). We have tried out a few of their Crazy Freakshakes specifically their Oreo Chocolate and Chocolate Brownie shakes. Let me just say that the brownie was super delicious but their drinks? Not so much. It tasted somewhat tasteless to me though. But they definitely can be proud of their food since they’re very delicious in taste although portions may vary. We have tried out their Chicken Chop (love the thick chicken meat), Chicken Meatballs (very tender), Beef Prosperity Burger (it comes with a very tasty BBQ sauce) and their regular Chicken Burger with Cheese.

** Current status – Still in operation (as of April 2016)  

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